Based on the formula we learned that playing poker doesn’t always win

Based on the formula we learned that playing poker is not always a win – I was able to run all 22,100 player hands against all 18,424 dealer hands and figure out which hands to Play and which to Fold. Usually, once I have a strategy, I will simulate the game. However, since the total number of hands is only, 407 million or so, I can make every possible hand and calculate the payback with absolute precision.

This would be similar to how I would determine the return of Pair Plus, a bet based solely on the player’s hand. Three Card Poker bonus138 is one of the few table games where the payback is very precise without relying on simulation.

Based on our formula, we learned that playing a hand is not always a win, but rather a hand that is better than losing an average unit. So, a hand that will lose 0.95 units per hand is still worth the Play bet. This is important to realize because you will still lose a lot of hands that you don’t fold.

All the High Queen and High King hands are losers in the long run. Only when you get a hand that contains an Ace or better can you expect to win money. Although, ironically a hand like KQ-10 will actually win far more often than it loses, but due to qualifying many of these hands will result in a net win of one instead of two, whereas all losses will result in a loss of two units.

It is very important to understand this about these hands or you risk losing faith in the strategy. The Queen and King hands make up many of our three card hands and can be combined into losses that will crush your bankroll. But to deny that strategy is to deny the basic math behind it. Buy the book now!

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