Matt ‘Bodeyster’ Bode Wins World Poker Online Series

No-Limit Super Turbo Hold’em On Monday, June 29, Matt Bode called. “A secret online shredder is coming,” a behavioral therapist, final Frisbee medalist and tournament shredder to halo69 tweeted days before the start of the 2020 World Series of Poker online.

There are no retweets when it ages well. Just six days later, Bode’s prediction came true as he won the field with a total of 1,179 entries and won the fourth tournament in the series, a $500 no-limit super turbo hold’em. Bode collected his first gold bracelet for the win and a top prize of $97,091. According to one of his tweets, he is streaming a series from his dad’s basement.

This event received his account as a super turbo tournament. From the first deal of cards, the champion took just over six hours to decide. The event attracted a total of 828 unique players, who re-entered 351 times to increase the final prize pool to $530,550. Money was paid out to the top 180 companies with a minimum cash flow of $743.

Many top players made big strides in this event, only to fall behind at the final table, including two-time bracelet winner Ben ‘WhyIsGamora’ Yu’s Turner Jon ‘havuuuuuca’ ($179-$743) ($167-$742), Mike ‘mouth123’ Matusow ($86-$955), two-time bracelet winner Eric ‘circleball’ Baldwin ($1,220-66), Ryan ‘protential’ Laplante ($1,432-58), Phil’ Lumestakin’ Hellmuth ($1,963-37), event no. . 3 Robert ‘bustinballs’ Kuhn ($33 – $2,334), Matt ‘RubberFist’ Stout ($24 – $2,864.97), Ari ‘filivey’ Engel ($16 – $3,502) and Ryan ‘KOVID19’ Ko ($14 – $4,404), who finished second in Event #2 just a few days ago for $104,242.

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