The sad fact is that there are gambling stories

Everyone who decides to take part in this event is aware of the dangers associated with this game and will be eliminated if they make it to the final table and score positively. Positive player Apeshka de Silva was paid $98,813 for ninth place.

De Silva should enter the final table eighth with the most points and therefore should not lose much ideological value. It is interesting, however, that it was de Silva who was sent. He is by far the most successful player in the tournament, having made it to the final table, winning five times as much as his opponents, and already has three WSOP bracelets to his credit.

The unfortunate part of all these stories, other than the fact that Apeshka contracted a disease that could affect her health in the long run, is that I wasted more than half of that time and still haven’t been able to do it. bonus138 The winner has been announced. Tournament, Joseph Herbert.

It is often said that no one remembers the final of a major sporting event. It’s a situation where we don’t even remember the winner.

I really hope that Ebert’s exploits will be remembered, but if you imagine that Ebert lost to Damien Salas, who won the international version of this hybrid tournament, will Ebert be remembered or, of course, that de Silva was eliminated?

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