Tourney is not a Garden of Eden The Gardens Poker Classic

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Last week I wrote about The Gardens Poker Classic, which got off to a great start, winning a $ 100,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool in its first tournament.

But Gardens has been at the center of the poker controversy this week. When I first heard the news that the casino was adding an extra flight to the $ 1 million guarantee after everything went well, I was in doubt.

A call to the casino confirmed this. Two more days were added to the event because they did not provide guarantees called overlays.

Angry gamblers took to social media to challenge the decision and promised never to play at the casino again. Poker Night in America, which is the event’s partner, has stated that it is a production company and has nothing to do with management decisions to make changes to the Main Event slot online.

If you bother to read it in small print at the bottom of the leaflet, there is usually a standard disclaimer stating that the casino reserves the right to change or alter the events. The problem with Gardens’ decision is that once the tournament has started, it is a contract for the players that cannot be changed.

Recently, Commerce Casino had tournaments that did not live up to the advertised guarantee, but Commerce did the right thing by honoring the guarantee. Gardens Casino, which recently received a $ 90 million renovation, is at the center of a public relations disaster.

Many players have planned their work week around the final, which as you know ended last Sunday. It is time for casinos to respect promotions and government regulations on table games to protect players participating in these activities in good faith.

I would definitely like to think twice before playing a tournament at Gardens Casino. The factors I take into account while playing are the warranties and the stated end date. As I work on weekdays, it is important to me that the event ends on the weekend. It’s a shame it happened, but I hope it never happens again.

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