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There are many online casino gambling sites bonus138 with different types of internet casinos that you can play at. There are two main types of sites: Java-based sites with no downloads that load directly in your browser. Another group are download casino game sites that allow you to download games to your computer’s hard disk.

The first types of gambling sites usually use Flash or Shockwave, which allows them to run in your browser. If you don’t have Flash or Shockwave, you can download plug-ins from companies like Macromedia for free. Even though this type of website is called a no download casino, you have to download sounds and images every time you play a game. The great advantage of this type of gambling site is that it can be played on most computers and operating systems and many of them can even be used on WebTV.

The second type of website offers downloadable software. The software is usually limited to Windows, which means it will only run on Windows-based platforms. Since the file sizes of most of these downloadable software are very large (from 5 to 20 megabytes), you should spend a little time downloading them. Therefore, you should be sure that you really want to play at the casino you choose before investing your time in downloading it. If you like most people running Windows, I highly recommend that you stick with this download gambling website. They are mostly safe, stable and once you download the games your dependence on the web server they are on has been reduced significantly. And that’s a good thing because you can use it with any internet connection, as well as slower dial-up connections. Since most of the game applications reside on your hard disk, the speed will be much faster compared to sites without downloads.

Many people hesitate to play online because they think the site is not safe. I would say that it’s good to be a little skeptical because unfortunately there are still some rogue casino operators out there looking for a quick income scheme. But the good news is, this number is getting smaller and today they are in the minority. It is good to know that most online casinos and gambling sites today are reputable, honest and take care to make payments on time.

The best thing with online gambling is probably its availability: in fact you can access it 24/7. This website has grown tremendously in recent years and the gambling industry on the web is sure to remain. Online gambling is fun and apart from that you generally have a better chance of winning than you have in an offline or land-based casino. So grab your popcorn and beer, turn on your computer and start playing from the comfort of your own home. Bad beats as you would know if you played any form of poker be it free online poker games or high stakes card rooms are the deepest manifestation of “bad luck” known to poker man!

Physically, if your opponent only has a few cards to catch on the river to win a very large pot and one of them falls, you cannot recover the hefty chip stack that goes from your hand to an unworthy opponent. You might even get knocked out of the tournament because of it. You cannot recover your physical seat at the poker table (unless it is a rebuy tournament, and you buy back).

Suppose, in the example above, your opponent has AJ and you have AK, and the board is A-3-7-10. You have the top Pair and the best kicker. Your opponent has the top spot Pair with the second best kicker he thinks is best, and he moves all-in. At that point, moving the all-in will cost you 90 percent of your stack.

You call hoping your opponent doesn’t have an A-10 or something, and he flashes AJ. You are in the rose chair now. He could catch Six with just a 6.82% chance, and that was the only way he could win. He caught her. Bam! Bad rhythm! You have a tenth of what you had before the hand started. Or even you might be eliminated.

Psychologically, how do you redeem yourself from such a disaster? This is easy. Ask yourself: Would you want your opponent to call with AJ in such a situation if you had AK? If you say ‘Yes’, then there’s really nothing to complain about.

You play your hand the best way you can (you might even have read it with, like, A-5 or A-4, and you almost read). So you want him to call. He did. All your circumlocutionary games like acting weak, betting small for him to pounce, etc., work.

He does what you want to happen. If he calls, then you know that you are the 93-7 favourite. Do you want to be at 93 or at 7? Ask yourself that question. You haven’t made a bad game. Your opponent succeeded.

You may be eliminated from the tournament after that hand, if you have lower chips. But you should be grateful that there is someone who is willing to put in his chips even just at a 9-10 proposition where he has 10. 90% of the time he does, he will be knocked out. Your losses will only fall on the 10% side.

So you can redeem yourself by saying that you have made a smart game. In other words, you play poker better than people messing with you. And this point is made, in the future you can exploit a lot of players who may be willing to do a bad game but who doesn’t know that this game is actually bad.

Sometimes to feel the ease of a win where you are a 9-10 favorite, sometimes you have to be prepared to take 10% hits.

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